Mime As Therapy

Mime as Therapy (MAT) is a blend of Mime, Improv Comedy, and Storytelling for kids and young adults with social learning disabilities who want to connect, communicate, and create. MAT develops “thought skills,” the path from the small details to the big picture. Every movement, every initiation, every action, every reaction is broken down, taking care to give attention to the smallest details then building up to create the big picture. Mime As Therapy creates games, exercises and scenarios to put our MAT Players in situations where they are free to create, having fun while developing social skills.

New from the O'Kelley Lab!

Mime As Therapy's "MAT Mime Breaks" are short, sensory and imagination breaks, using mime. MAT Mime Breaks were created by The O'Kelley Lab and actor/mime teacher, Terry Hart, as fun, educational, and creative movement breaks-- between classes, during the workday, or whenever you need a short, recreational reset. With MAT Mime Breaks, you use focused attention, forward thinking, and your imagination-- all of which improve your executive function skills.

Why Mime?

Movement is the key. Mime develops the bilateral skill of crossing the mid-line. Mime uses muscles that help in the development of balance and body control and core strength. Mime makes the player aware of how facial expressions, body posture, and eye-gaze work together to communicate emotion and ideas. Mime techniques trigger muscle memory and engage mirror neurons which are important building blocks for social interactions.

Terry Hart work-shopped Mime as Therapy working with the O’Kelley Lab starting in 2016. As he learned more about the behavior of kids and young adults with social learning challenges, he began to recognize how his years as a professional mime artist, improvisor, actor and writer could help meet the challenges they face with connection, communication and successful social interaction. Terry developed a teachable four-part workshop program— The Body, The World Around, Movement & Focus, and The Big Picture. Each stand-alone module is designed to help the player connect, communicate, and to create improved social awareness. For more information, please use the contact form below.